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Integrative Visions

Intending, through the power of seeing and imagination, to unify separate things.

We gather together in the spirit of creativity and love with our unique stories, our individual preferences, and our longing for connection and acceptance. Using paint and collage as our means of expression and communication, we will individually and collectively practice listening and unearthing what comes to the surface to be exposed and acknowledged. How tightly or loosely do we hold these precious parts? How much room do we allow ourselves in the creative process and how much room do we allow others’ visions to intersect with our own? We will spend the three days contemplating our questions with paint and collage.

In this 3-day workshop, Orly Avineri and Katie Kendrick will be our guides as we move through our creative impulses with an intention to stay true to who we are and to communicate to our deeper selves and the larger world through the process of creating art. Our intention is to all dive deep together and create from the heart.

"It is returning, at last it is coming home to me - my own Self and those parts of it that have long been abroad and scattered among all things and accidents." - Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Both of these sessions are SOLD OUT!
Please Email Me to put you on a wail list. 

This workshop spans 3 days and includes lunches:

               Session 1 June 18 – 20, 2018 -  FULL
Session 2 June 22 - 24, 2018 - FULL
10am – 4:30pm
with a midday break for a vegetarian lunch

* This workshop is a small and intimate gathering,
limited to 10 students*

Supply List
- A few paintbrushes in sizes between 0 and 1”
- Scissors
- Letter sized envelope filled with collage (paper) bits
- Paint apron
- Matte gel,
- Wide flat brush,
- Permanent black pen

What I supply
I will furnish paint, canvases and everything else you will need for the project

The Place

I’ll be welcoming you into our humble home that’s nestled in the forest along the Tahuya River in Washington State. Our seven acre property is surrounded by the Tahuya State Forest (23,000 acres), home to deer, coyotes, eagles, hawks, salmon, beavers, river otters, and other wildlife.

My studio, where we’ll be working, is in our finished garage where large windows occupy the space of the garage doors facing south with a view of the river valley, garden, and forest beyond.

We’ve blazed some trails over the years that lead through the woods to different places along the river. Weather permitting, we will spend a bit of time each day outside and you are always free to explore before and after class. Follow a trail into the forest and make acquaintance with my beloved Grandmother Cedar, the matriarch here, and meet her close companion, Grandfather Cedar. Spend some time walking along the rocky shore or sitting quietly listening to the different sounds of water. Experience the quiet and brilliant green tree canopy above you while relaxing in a hammock.

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Our garden will surely be bursting with new life when you’re here as early summer is a time vibrating with expanding growth. That same verdant energy will be available to inspire us to expand and grow while we paint and create together.

My husband Walter and I have lived on this property for 35 years, we raised our children here, and it warms my heart to now watch our grandchildren enjoy this wild place. We have a deep and abiding relationship with this land, we protect and cherish it and feel blessed to be guardians of it. We open our hearts and arms to welcome you to our little piece of heaven.

Meet our ambassador of love and light, Sprout.


Lodging and Transportation
There are rentals listed in the area on Airbnb and VBRO, search under zipcode 98588. I will send additional options upon registration if requested.

The closest airport to fly into is SEATAC outside of Seattle. You will need to rent a car or arrange transportation as we live on the Kitsap Peninsula, west of Seattle, across the Puget Sound.

Payments are non-refundable.
If you need to cancel I will pass along the contact information for the first person on the wait list, if there is one.